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"Forest Floor baby Pine Tree"

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There’s a new awakening in the Forest.

"Forest Floor baby Pine Tree"


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A 1:1 scale baby pine tree.
I have used polymer clay to sculpt it and acrylics to paint it. The pine needles (both on the tree and soil) are quite flexible however I do not recommand manipulating or touching the tree too much. Keep it under its protective bell.

BELL TYPE : Plexi bell
BELL DIMS : 8,50 x 6,50 cm / 3.35 x 2.56 in
Category : .
REF : A040MPXPX-fr


Weight and sizes may vary but the info below is giving you a good approx. idea.

 (2.2 lbs)
DIMS (box) : 20x20x15 cm / 7.8×7.8×5.9 in
Handmade miniature trees

"Forest Floor baby Pine Tree"


1 in stock

Some words of wisdom on the little trees.

🌱 Handle with care, always.
🌱 Keep them out of reach of children, this is not a toy.
🌱 Keep away from fire.
🌱 Do not water them (especially after midnight).

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